Entry #1

Working a lot

2008-09-18 12:10:53 by ChrisShendo

Thought I might as well update everyone since I don't have class til 5 pm today (and then I only have a test!) Got our weekly tonight; If you are in the Orlando, Florida area then come visit us every Thursday night at Suite B (corner of central and magnolia) for great tunes (House, breaks) and even better drinks (21+ only). We are working on a couple music videos as well, but that's about all I can say about those at this time. Finishing up the intro for Muze Entertainment...perhaps I'll throw it up here to get some responses about what you guys think. Other than that, just working on music for my next album. I will place a couple of the tracks up here for use in games or films. If you would like to use my music, please, feel free! Contact me if you do, though, so I can see the finished product.

As always, visit www.muzeentertainment.com for more info on our shows and our artists.



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